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26 November 2019

We have had some really much needed rains in the past 2 weeks which have made everything (including the weeds) come alive at an alarming rate.

As our fields are organic, we do not use any poisons and the weeds have to be removed by hand which is slow going and a very costly exercise.

Our diligent field staff are trying their best to pull out the weeds and expose the strawberries but patience is still required to find them as they are hiding away under the leaves and in some cases (where most of the big and lovely ones are to be found because nobody else thinks to look there) amongst the weeds.

It is nearing the end of our season and because of this the number of strawberries available are diminishing. There are strawberries to pick and eat in the fields for the experience but none to pick to take home

Come along early in the day. Stop in for Breakfast at our Restaurant, put on your hats, lather on the sun screen and head out into the fields for some good, wholesome fun and some lovely, healthy strawberries. 



Strawberries are very rich in folic acid and are a must for pregnant moms !!


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