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The last day of strawberry season 2017...

It's another fantastic morning on The Strawberry Farm. It's perfect for picking our delicious sweet, red, organic strawberries.

Today is our last day of picking for the 2017 season, so, if you have missed out this year, today is your last opportunity to pick. The fields have enjoyed the rain over the last couple of weeks - the grass and weeds are testament to this, with their growth being incredible. This also goes to show that we are organic, as if we had been using poisons, there would be little to no growth of these plants amongst the strawberries.

With this being said, there are still a lot of strawberries in the fields first thing this morning, but it will be a hunt between the grasses and weeds. The fields are fairly muddy still too, making for a good day out in the country - most definitely not a city type experience.

Come out, bring the family, have a great day - don't forget the sunscreen and hats.


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